Dentists are problem solvers.

Because of the unique dental concerns of each patient, the process is never the same. My staff and I work with you to understand the problem and devise a treatment plan that meets your personal and financial needs. We take pride in establishing your trust and confidence in order to ultimately achieve an optimal solution.

George Psaltis, DMD

After graduating Tufts University Dental School in Boston, Massachusetts in 1996, I participated in a General Practice Residency at Columbia University in New York City. This type of hospital setting provided me with the opportunity to treat patients with dental conditions in which broader issues were also of importance. I developed the capacity to deal effectively with cases compounded by heart disease, immunological concerns , and /or neurological complications. In the process, I refined an approach to dentistry that treats and cares for patients comprehensively. After completing my residency, I was fortunate open a dental practice and simultaneously work at St Clare’s Hospital in Midtown serving the HIV community.

I have enjoyed nurturing and managing my dental practice since 1998 and maintaining a sense of humility and altruism. I am committed to creating a welcoming environment that is focused on using the most current techniques and advanced technologies, while cultivating a holistic approach to serve my patients and community. This approach to my practice is augmented by perpetually learning through continuing education courses at Columbia, Tufts, and the University of Florida, Gainesville.

This is my professional honor and passion.

My experience at Dr. Psaltis’s office was fantastic! His staff is very friendly and I felt welcomed as soon as I walked through the door!


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